Phillip Schofield treats Twitter fans to hilarious eclipse photo

Prankster Phillip Schofield has taken to Twitter to share his frustrations over the UK solar eclipse 2015…

Phillip Schofield treats Twitter fans to hilarious eclipse photo

by Kayleigh Dray |
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The You’re Back In The Room host, like so many of us, was desperate to catch a glimpse of this morning’s solar eclipse.

However, confounded by the typically cloudy British weather, Phillip Schofield wound up venting his frustrations over the natural phenomenon on social media.

He wrote unhappily: “Damn these clouds!”

However, as always, the silver fox was able to stay optimistic - and even cracked a joke about the lack of solar eclipse in his life.

Tweeting a hilarious photo (if you can call it that!) of what he could see, he wrote cheekily: “Wow!”

Ah Phillip, we know how you feel!

To be fair, his picture isn’t TOO different from many actual photos of the eclipse floating about on Twitter.

One guy wrote proudly: “Here it is - the eclipse from Truro, via my iPhone and a factor 13 welder's lens.”


Dubbed ‘the best eclipse in years’, the process began at 07:41 GMT and the deepest part of the Moon's shadow touched the Earth's surface at 09:13 GMT. In the UK the darkness peaked at about 09:35.

Experts are warning people not to look directly at the phenomenon.

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