Phillip Schofield reveals his top tips for becoming a Snapchat sensation

The King of Snapchat has spoken...

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Our favourite morning TV presenter Phillip Schofield has revealed his top secret tips for becoming a Snapchat sensation. Speaking at Advertising Week 2018, the This Morning presenter talked about his obsession with the social media app, saying "the more I played with [Snapchat] the more I thought this is actually really good fun."

Schofield then went on to share his advice for Snapchatters wanting to make it big, just like him...

phillip schofield snapchat
©Phillip Schofield/ Snapchat

Your Snapchat stories must be honest

Schofield believes that your Snapchat stories "have to be an honest reflection of your life. So be honest with your life [with] as much as you want to give." So, share snaps of what you're eating and what you're watching, but maybe don't go as far as taking your mobile into the toilet with you.

He continues "the trouble [with Snapchat being an honest reflection of your life] is that on a dull day you’ve got to find something to do." He recalls one time he was off work on a Friday and couldn't find anything interesting to snap, so he started making content with a 'bacon sarnie'". SO funny.

phillip schofield snapchat
©Phillip Schofield/ Snapchat

Use filters!

We're not the only ones who love a good Snapchat filter - Schofield does too! "There are occasions where I will use the beauty feature because I look shocking," he said. He even uses the filter on Holly Willoughby: "I love the wide mouth filter - when you can make Holly Willoughby’s teeth fly out [with a filter], that for me is a good thing." Oh, poor Holly!

Engage with your followers

If you have Schofield on Snapchat, you'll know that he often engages with his fans and followers. Sometimes, this is in the form of a competition, a shout out, or even a personal message. "During the day I’ll just randomly open ten [snapchats I receive] and say hello." Clearly, a little communication goes a LONG way.

phillip schofield snapchat name
©Phillip Schofield/ Snapchat

Snapchat stories with a theme work best

Instead of posting a series of random snaps, try and curate a story out of your pictures and videos. "The [snaps] that continue throughout and have a theme seem to be the most popular," Schofield says. His gin tasting Snapchat story is a great example of this: "I had a gin advent calendar [last Christmas] and I opened it every morning at 5.30am. So [by the end of the month I had] a great line of gin. One evening I sat there and I decided to drink them. I then posted my gin tasting [online]. That was definitely my favourite [Snapchat] moment."

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