Phillip Schofield silences Katie Hopkins in best way possible

Phillip Schofield has responded to critics of new hypnotherapy show #BackInTheRoom - including Katie Hopkins...

Phillip Schofield silences Katie Hopkins in best way possible

by Kayleigh Dray |
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ITV's new programme You're Back In The Room definitely left viewers divided when it aired for the first time on Saturday night.

The show, which sees contestants hypnotised in front of cameras before competing in a series of tasks, was slammed by many for being "fake and disastrous".

One viewer wrote furiously: "Is it possible i can be hypnotised to forget the fact i just wasted an hour of my life watching this?"

Another added: 'This your back in the room programme is total b********, could tell within 10 seconds they are just a bunch of actors #yourbackintheroom'

And one angry viewer fumed: "Last night #ITV emptied their bilge tanks on TV with the effluence known as Youre #BackInTheRoom . Attention seeking performing monkeys."

As – and after – the show aired, Phillip Schofield replied to messages about the show on Twitter, eventually writing, “Well that was a fascinating tweet-along .. Brutal in places, but we knew we’d made tv Marmite.”

He added firmly: “However they're not actors!!”

However, when arch-rival Katie Hopkins started slamming the show, Phillip silenced her in the best way possible.

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant, who proved NOT to be a fan of Phil's new show, wrote scathingly: "#BackInTheRoom's working title was #how-thick-do-TV-producers-really-think-we are? #BackInTheRoom"

Phillip fired back: "Loving your tweets @KTHopkins love and hate eh, where've we seen that before.

"Give my love to India xx"

Let's just remind ourselves of what happened the last time Phillip mentioned Katie's daughter by name, shall we?

No wonder fans went wild on Twitter, with one asking Katie cheekily: "Would you like some sun tan lotion to soothe your burn?"

Unperturbed, Katie fired back: "I guess you always did like working with puppets #backinthebroom-cupboard" - alongside a photo of a very young Phillip with Gordon the Gopher.

But Phil, maintaining his sunny sense of humour as always, wrote: "Looool @KTHopkins he bought my first house! As a businesswoman you've got to appreciate that!"

That out the way, Phillip later wrote, “Great viewing figures for #BackInTheRoom last night and trended worldwide!

“Loved doing something original, risky and fun. Here’s to next wk.”

Discussion online about the show raged on all day yesterday, but by the time evening rolled around, clearly Phil had had enough of talking about it.

He tweeted, “Right, that’s enough of that. Half an hour till #MrSelfridge…

“Time to fill my glass and watch something slightly less controversial.”

What did you think of last night's #BackInTheRoom? Let us know via the comments box below now.

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