Phillip Schofield lashes out at breast cancer slot critics: ‘Jog on!’

Silver fox Phillip Schofield has lashed out following complaints over This Morning’s on-air breast examination

Phillip Schofield lashes out at breast cancer slot critics: ‘Jog on!’

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Last week, Dr Chris Steele was invited onto ITV’s This Morning to teach both men and women how best to perform crucial checks that could save their lives.

And, despite the fact that presenter Phillip Schofield warned viewers that there would be nudity before the segment aired, people still took to Twitter to complain about the ‘inappropriate’ bare breast examination.

Now, sitting down with Alan Carr for an interview on his show, The Chatty Man, Phillip has lashed out at the ‘professionally outraged’.

He said: “We had a breast cancer item on the other day and I couldn't believe that people were complaining about the fact that we showed a woman who was checking herself for breast cancer.

"Pull yourselves together. Are you serious? We ended up with countless people who quietly and anonymously got in touch to say, 'Oh my god I just found something and I'm going to go to my doctor'.

"Of course the chances are that will turn out to be nothing but if you look at the list over the years of the people who Denise Robertson and Dr Christian [Jessen] have saved, it is incredible. So I love that."

Alan Carr replied: "We live in a world where everyone is outraged."

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Phil added: "They drive me bloody mad! I updated my Twitter a while ago and now it says, 'If you are pedantic or professionally outraged - jog on’.”

Do you agree with Phillip Schofield - do people spend too much time looking for reasons to be cross?

Let us know via the comments box below now.

Alan Carr Chatty Man airs tonight (May 15) at 10pm on Channel 4 and also features Billie Piper, Romesh Ranganathan and a musical performance from Charli XCX.

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