Phillip Schofield hits out at Twitter troll over nasty comments about sick brother

Phillip Schofield’s brother spoke out to thank the ambulance team who saved his life - but some Twitter trolls weren’t happy about it

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As fans of Phillip Schofield will already know, the twinkly-eyed presenter was forced to take a leave of absence from ITV’s This Morning a few weeks ago when his brother, Tim, was taken seriously ill.

Tim is now thankfully on the mend - and, during a This Morning segment which focused on recent statistics which revealed the UK's 999 service failed to meet 75 percent of their eight-minute response times, felt compelled to call in.

Speaking to Phil and Holly Willoughby over the phone, Tim defended the UK’s 999 service from critics - and thanked them for saving his life.

"They were absolutely amazing, the team from the ambulance service were with me right the way through, from the hospital, to where I am now in the rehab," he said.

"They are absolutely fantastic, I cannot fault them one bit. The support I have had has been unbelievable.

“Even the paramedics came back to visit me when I was in hospital, just to see how I was getting on.

“They have been absolutely phenomenal."

However, while the majority of viewers were happy to hear from Tim that he is well and truly on the mend, one Twitter troll decided to lash out at Phillip Schofield.

Accusing the presenter of ensuring his brother received preferential treatment from the NHS, she raged: “Sorry [for being cynical, [but] we ordinary people don't get the service your brother got.

“Over and above shows 2 tier service.”

However Phillip wasn’t about to take THAT lying down.

He fired back: “They had absolutely NO IDEA who he was!

“So yes, you're being cynical I'm afraid.”

He was supported by fans, all of whom were quick to point out the ridiculousness of the troll’s comment.

One wrote: “I would hardly think [that, with] the pain he was in, he would even of thought of say ‘I’m Philip Schofields brother’”

Another added: “I'm a bog standard ordinary person and have received incredible service whenever needed.”

Fans have been worrying about Phillip Schofield and his family since late last year, when the twinkly-eyed presenter disappeared from our screens when his younger brother was suddenly taken ill.

But Tim has made a phenomenal recovery - something which Phil has emotionally thanked the NHS for.

He penned a message to them on Facebook, which read: “THANK YOU for saving my amazing brother.

“The hardest 2 weeks of all our lives and you were there for all of us; as you tirelessly fixed him, you sensitively fixed us.

“I’ve seen the astonishing work of our incredible NHS in action and I'm truly humbled by each and every one of you & what you do.


It is currently unknown what has caused Tim’s illness, but he does suffer from Type 1 diabetes.

Phillip, who is seven years older than his brother, is passionate when it comes to raising awareness about diabetes, and has spoken about Tim’s condition in the past.

In an interview with Diabetes Advice last year, he said: “My brother was first to be diagnosed and he had an unquenchable thirst for fizzy drink, which was very unlike him.

“That continued for a few days, he was acting completely out of character. So we took him to the doctors and he was very quickly diagnosed. Then six months later my mum was diagnosed in the same way."

We’re so glad to hear that Tim is better!

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