Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh’s baby scan sparks HUGE debate online – but why?

Ultrasound experts, did you spot this in Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh’s baby announcement?

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh's ultrasound

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Earlier today, Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh revealed that they are expecting their second baby together.

Pleased as punch at becoming a dad for the fourth time, Peter happily shared a snap of pregnant Emily’s first ultrasound on Instagram.

He captioned the snap: “OMG dad to be AGAIN :))) Brilliant.

“So so happy”

However, while the majority of people were quick to send their congratulations to the happy couple, others couldn’t help but notice that something was awry.

Yup, we’re talking about the NAME on the scan.

Now we already know that Emily officially took her husband’s last name when they married, as Pete confirmed at the time: "She changed it as soon as we got married and loves using it."

So it makes sense that Emily is down as an Andre.

However Pete’s fans noticed that it was actually spelled ‘Andrea’ on the scan - and they couldn’t work out why.

“Is that a typo?” one asked.

“Why does it say Andrea?” quizzed another.

Well, as it turns out, Andrea is actually Peter’s last name!

It’s pronounced ‘Andre’ - so he changed it when he became famous, to help make it easier for his fans.

Pete previously told new! Magazine: "It's funny that people still think Emily's last name is MacDonagh, but it's actually Andrea – pronounced Andre."


It’s worth pointing out that the internet has also decided that Pete and Em are expecting a baby boy.

One wrote: “You’re having a boy you can tell by the scan photo it's exactly the same as mine!”

“IT’S A BOY!!!” added another, slightly over-excitedly.

One Instagram user said tentatively: “I think a boy.”

Another confidently predicted: “Awww! Looks like a little boy going by the nub theory!”


So what’s the nub theory, then?

Well, the theory goes that if you’re having a boy the nub (aka the penis-like stump between the unborn bubba’s legs) points up at 30 degrees or more and if you’re having a girl the ‘angle of the dangle’ is less than 30 degrees.

Plenty of people think this works, although there’s no scientific proof to back it up.

If they DO have a baby boy, it’ll mean that Pete will have two daughters and two sons; pretty perfect, eh?

Congratulations one again to Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh!

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