Peter Andre tells Closer: ‘Emily and I would love another baby’

Peter Andre fills Closer in on spending time apart from fiancé Emily MacDonagh and baby Amelia and how the pair plan to have more kids in the future

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Since going public with his relationship to now fiancé Emily MacDonagh two years ago Peter Andre has seemed happier than ever and the arrival of the couple's first child together, Amelia, in January seems to be the icing on the cake.

But this month the new family are set to face one of their toughest challenges yet as they prepare to spend long periods of time apart with Emily returning to her family home in Somerset to continue her studying and Peter setting out on a tour of the UK.

But as Peter tells Closer he’s going to put a real effort in to make sure he can spend as much time as possible with Emily and Amelia, nine months.

Pete shared this pic of Emily on Twitter

Peter says: “Instead of partying after I get off stage I’m going to get straight in a car and drive to Emily’s mums house. I’ll try and get there after as many shows as possible. It will mean a lot of travelling but I’m actually looking forward to it.”

The pair, who met after Emily’s surgeon dad operated on Peter when he was suffering from kidney stones in 2010, recently spent a relaxing family holiday in Africa along with Peter’s children Junior, nine and Princess, seven from his four year marriage to Katie Price.

Posting cute snaps on Instagram during the trip of Emily, 25, hanging out with all three children it was clear to see just how close she’s become to Peter’s kids.

Peter says: “I knew Ems for two and a half years before we started dating so the kids got to know her and her family during that time. At first they didn’t even realise we had started dating. My mum gave me lots of advice about it all too, it doesn’t matter what age I am, I always listen to my mum.”

Emily, Junior, Amelia and Princess on holiday

And Peter reveals that Princess has been taking a very hands on approach helping to care for her baby sister.

Peter reveals: “I saw Princess grow up overnight. My mum couldn’t believe how much she had matured when they came over from Australia to visit us. I catch her talking to Amelia sometimes and it’s hard to believe that not so long ago she was in nappies herself. She has a real nurturing side to her, it’s beautiful.”

Despite work commitments keeping the former reality TV star away from his growing brood from time to time Peter tells Closer that when he is at home he relishes spending time on his own with Amelia.

Peter adds: “Emily’s mum has been helping us out a lot which has been wonderful but the other day Ems and I had a bit of a role reversal and I had Amelia all to myself for the day while she was at university.

Pete and Amelia

"I was at home with her all day and then when Ems came home I couldn’t wait to tell her all about our day together. I suddenly realised that that’s what she must feel like when I come home after being away.

"It’s nice to have the balance, it’s so important to switch off from time to time. Obviously I have a family that I need to support but I try not to take work too seriously because otherwise I’d miss out on all the magic and joy of watching them grow up.”

"As anyone who followed Peter’s day to day life on his reality show, Peter Andre: My Life, will have seen the 60 Minute Makeover presenter has never made a secret of his love of staying in shape with regular gym and personal trainer sessions.

But Peter reveals that he’s learnt to relax his strict routine.

Pete has always been into fitness

He says: “I used to be extremely strict about my diet but I try not to be quite so hard on myself anymore, I just love food. I’ll eat what I want but then I’ll train hard to stay in shape. Who invented mirrors anyway? They’re a blessing and a curse!”

So with an upcoming tour, various TV projects and a new Iceland advert recently hitting our screens how does Emily, who has largely shunned the limelight to concentrate on her studies, cope with having a famous fiancé?

Peter says: “She’s great with it, she’s a real peoples person so she doesn’t mind it at all.

"I get a bit of a ribbing from people especially for my Iceland advert but it’s all tongue in cheeky and I try not to take it too seriously, I think it’s pretty funny.”

He adds: “I’m pretty oblivious to what people say about me, I always have been. Someone could be next to me saying something about me and I wouldn’t even notice. I just get on with my life and hope people will be nice.”

And with everything going so well for the couple it seems likely that they could well be trying for another baby in the future.

Peter reveals: “Ideally we’ll get married first and Emily will finish her studies then of course we’d love to have another baby.”

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