Peter Andre slams claims he ‘paid women for sex’

Dad of three Peter Andre has submitted a witness statement to the High Court, challenging the allegations made on social media that he paid women for sex.


by Ellie Hooper |
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And after the executive producer of his own show appeared to back the tweets, Andre has explained he felt he was under attack and feared for his reputation.

Pete has been called as a witness in the case between producer Neville Hendricks and ITV2, as the former sues the channel for pulling reality shows he was heading up.

Peter married Emily McDonagh just last weekend
Peter married Emily McDonagh just last weekend

In a written statement, Pete said: ‘Those Twitter users accused me of all kinds of illegal activities and indiscretions.’

And shockingly, so Pete claims, Neville chose to join with the Twitter users rather than defend him.

In some of the tweets, user @Kmaddock accused Andre and his brother Michael of paying for sex with women in London, and that they planned to fly them out to Australia while they were on a trip there.

‘She…suggested that Michael and I had been involved in illegal activities.’

‘Her accusations…involved very serious allegation of sexual misconduct and suggestions that my activities justified police involvement.’

Andre also claimed that producer Neville seemed to endorse ‘aggressive or defamatory’ tweets directed at him, and that he even told the twitter user he was ‘spot on.’

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