Peter Andre reveals how Emily MacDonagh saved him: ‘I would have gone mad without her’

Singer and reality star Peter Andre has revealed that he relied on fiancée Emily MacDonagh to get him through the death of his brother.


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Pete tragically lost his brother, Andrew, to kidney cancer in December 2012.

The singer took to his weekly magazine column to reveal that he coped with the help of Emily and her family.

‘After my brothers death I was in a really bad place when we first started dating,’ he wrote. ‘Because her family are doctors, they all helped me. I don’t know how I’d have coped if Ems hadn’t been there.'

Pete proposed to Emily in January
Pete proposed to Emily in January

Pete and Emily only recently got engaged, but the singer admits he would have struggled to cope with the loss of his brother without the support of his new fiancée.

‘I honestly would have gone mad without her,’ he says. ‘I found it really helpful having someone from the outside being there for me. She’s such a sweet and harmless person.’

Pete and Emily recently welcomed baby daughter Amelia and the proud dad has been open at his delight with the new addition.

Pete says Emily helped him cope with the loss of his brother

The singer also expressed that he is keen to return to work. ‘

I said I felt like I didn’t want to work as much when Ems and I are together, and that’s true. But when she fell pregnant, something clicked and I just felt a need to support my family.’

Pete continued: ‘When I lost my brother I was unmotivated and wanted to run away.’

With Emily’s strength, Pete managed to find the strength to carry on and make things work in his new relationship.

‘All of a sudden I just thought I had to work harder than I’d ever done before.’

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