Peter Andre opens up about wedding plans and Emily Macdonagh’s struggle

Peter Andre has revealed his brother's recent wedding in Cyprus has inspired him to consider his home country as an option for his nuptials to fiancé Emily.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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Speaking about his brother's wedding, the 41-year-old said:

"It’s kind of good we went to my brother’s wedding in Cyprus because that’s where my family is from and I have a home there.

"Seeing them get married there was like WOW! But then do I just want it more traditional English and throw a party in Cyprus. I don’t know it gets you thinking."

The father-of-three also revealed 24-year-old Emily is finding it hard to be apart from baby Amelia and Pete while she goes back to university to finish studying.

"She is finding it very hard. However the best person Amelia could be cared for is right under our nose and that is Emily’s mum, who is a paediatrician. She is a child doctor so you can’t get better than that for safety and she’s a loving mother.

"Yes it’s hard for us but we always knew this was going to come and we have to deal with it. The benefits are going to be amazing because Doctor Emily Mac is going to be a fully qualified doctor."

Peter Andre also opened up about the effect having sibling baby Amelia has had on children Princess and Junior.

"Oh my gosh it’s the most beautiful thing to see. Especially Princess with Amelia is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Emily with baby Amelia

"She instantly turns from a baby into a growing girl, she’s so nurturing and caring. You find her talking to her quietly sometimes saying ‘don’t worry sweetheart I’ll get you this and get you that’. I think to myself how did my seven-year-old daughter grow up so fast.

"Junior is the man of the house because I’m not there until the nights most of the time. So until I come home he takes over when he comes back from school and he loves it."

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