Peter Andre gets feisty: ‘Leave stay-at-home mums alone Katie Hopkins!’

Peter Andre has hit out at controversial social commentator Katie Hopkins.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
Published on

Writing in his New column this week, 40-year-old Pete, whose 23-year-old girlfriend Emily Macdonagh recently gave birth to their first daughter Amelia Andre, said:

“Katie Hopkins claimed being a mum isn't a proper job.

“She was on the warpath again this week, this time attacking stay-at-home mums.

“The former Apprentice star claimed being a mum isn't a proper full-time job, but there's no harder job than motherhood in my opinion.

“Who better to look after your own children than their own mother?

"There's no harder job than motherhood in my opinion"

“Of course, not all mums can afford not to work, so I admire those who juggle motherhood with having a career too.”

This follows Katie Hopkins’ recent column, in which she hit out at stay-at-home mums and ‘fat’ mums amongst others.

“Fat mum does drop off and pick up without ever actually leaving the car and belches out her fat kids in a cloud of cigarette smoke and crisp packets. Stare opened mouthed at her sheer size wearing only lycra and a sneer,” Katie spat.

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