Peter Andre: ‘My dad was sold as a slave’

These days he lives a life most of us could only dream of, but Peter Andre has revealed his family haven’t always had it easy.


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The 43-year-old’s family originally hails from Cyprus, and he’s shockingly revealed that his dad Savvas Andrea, 82, was sold as a slave aged 11 – when his parents were struggling for money.

Speaking to Radio Times, dad-of-three Pete said: “It’s very interesting with my dad because at 11-years-old in Cyprus, he was sold as a slave.”

Pete, who is currently competing on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing, confessed he only recently found out the truth, adding: “There were 13 kids. And they had no food, no money.

Pete with children Princess and Junior
Pete with children Princess and Junior

“So some of the kids had to be sold to earn money for the family. And then Dad came back after years. I didn’t know this until recently. And I said, ‘Dad are you serious?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, but son, that was our life’.”

Savvas now lives in Australia and is a successful barber – and Pete revealed he’s always inspired him to work hard.

He continued: “So Dad’s determination, what Dad’s achieved in life, is incredible. He came to London not able to speak a word of English, learnt a trade – he became a barber – and he still owns a barber’s shop in Paddington.”

Pete, who grew up in Australia before moving back to the UK, is now married to doctor Emily MacDonagh, and he’s dismissed any rumours of the infamous Strictly curse.

“I don’t believe in [it],” he said. “If you wanna go off with someone, you’re gonna do it. [Calling it] that is stirring the pot.”

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