Patsy Kensit was spotted on TINDER

We bet Patsy won't find it hard becoming somebody's 'tinder-ella'

Patsy kensit spotted on tinder

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Tinder, you know the dating app that everyone seems to be on, which involves making a snap decision on whether you fancy someone based on a selection of selfies. If you swipe left, then it's a 'NO THANKS, I'd sooner cross the street to avoid you' or you have just spotted one of his photos is from his wedding day. A swipe right can mean anything to 'you're very good looking' to 'it's a Sunday evening and I'm bored.'

Yeah dating apps are a bit weird.

But not to Holby City actress Patsy Kensit, who was apparently spotted on Tinder!

Patsy Kensit Tinder

It looks just like her, right?

An insider told The Sun, “I have to say at this point that I am a hopeless romantic.

“I truly am. I do believe in love and still believe in love and I shall continue to do so.”

Patsy's representatives have yet to confirm that it's her, because of course, it could be a fake account.

Patsy has revealed in a previous interview that she has only ever had four boyfriends and married them all - including Liam Gallagher, who she has son Lennon with.

If it's her, she will be joining Hilary Duff in the 'Celebs on Tinder' club. Why not, eh. It is 2017. Maybe Patsy is bored of meeting men in the pub who tell her to 'cheer up love, it might never happen’ and stare at her chest.

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