Patricia Bright: who is the British YouTuber?

She’s friends with Molly-Mae Hague

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YouTuber Patricia Bright has 1.2 million Instagram followers and over 2 million subscribers but who is she? What does she do for a living? And was she on Love Island?

We've got all the answers...

Who is Patricia Bright?

Patricia Bright is a British YouTuber and influencer.

She started her YouTube channel over 10 years ago and unlike a lot of influencers who blow up and gain lots of subscribers within a matter of days or weeks, for Patricia it actually took years.

"I'd been making content for seven years and then I got to a million subscribers.

"I didn't have any of those really viral moments and I saw lots of people kind of steamroll ahead of me.

"And I was just in the corner by myself, plodding alone and inevitably my time came and it took seven years to one million and then one more year to another million to half.

"I then had my own viral moments off the back of myself but I never took the step back to be like 'Oh you've made it', because I never feel like I've made it," she said on The Diary of a CEO podcast.

Before becoming a social media content creator Patrica actually worked in investment banking which is probably why she often posts YouTube videos where she gives her followers money advice.

Where is Patricia Bright from?

Patricia is actually from South London. She was born and raised in London and during her YouTube series If I Could Tell You Just One Thing with Patricia Bright, she admitted that it motivated her to succeed.

She said, "South London is a very multicultural place. People are bubbly, there's just a different energy that a lot of us had and I think that really impacted my identity growing up.

"Living on an estate, being on benefits you never felt you were in control of your life and actually that's why I'm a control freak.

"A lot of people see me as pretty successful now and they see me as a hustler but this is the reason I'm like this."

How old is Patricia Bright?

Patricia is 34 years old. She was born on 4 February 1987.

Who is Patricia Bright's husband?

Patricia is married to her husband Mike.

The pair tied the knot nine years ago after meeting at university and playing pool on their first date.

In August 2020, Patrica opened up about her marriage and admitted that lockdown tested their relationship.

"I don't talk a lot about my relationship on the internet. I used to share so much of my partner all the time. We used to vlog everything for years but it got too heavy to share so much of my relationship.

"It was impacting my relationship and I couldn't stand when I what hear what people would say - certain assumptions, criticisms I just couldn't handle it anymore," she said in a YouTube video.

"Quarantine almost broke us and I've seen so many break ups happen over this time and it's really scary.

"We're currently working real hard to make this continue and I don't lightly say this and I don't really love sharing this but I want to be open.

"Although we can look good on the outside, it's really been f---king difficult. Our relationship hasn't entirely broken down and that is me being really honest," she admitted.

Does Patricia Bright have children?

Patricia and her husband Mike are parents to their daughters Grace, five, and Nova, one.

The influencer is pretty open about most areas of her life and she even shared her labour vlogs with her YouTube subscribers.

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Was Patricia Bright on The Wheel?

She sure was. Patricia posted about her appearance on BBC's The Wheel on her Instagram account.

She wrote, "Who caught your gal on the wheel last night?! Lol giving you prime time game show energy, has so much fun.

patricia bright the wheel
patricia appeared on The wheel ©BBC

"Michael McIntyre's The Wheel was a vibe catch it on @bbc and @bbciplayer. My specialist category is 'Beauty' and I'm joined by some amazing guests!"

What is Patricia Bright's net worth?

According to The Sun, Patricia is worth £887k. The YouTuber isn't shy about discussing money.

In fact, in 2020 she revealed how she made her $1million on YouTube, how she budgets her £65,000 salary and she often gives money advice and saving tips on her second YouTube channel The Break.

Was Patricia Bright on Love Island?

So she wasn't on Love Island, but she is friends with former Islander Molly-Mae Hague.

The duo appeared in two YouTube videos together just months after Molly left the villa and it's safe to say their friendship surprised fans.

"This is such a random collab but honestly i’m not complaining," wrote one subscriber.

Another fan commented, "The duo we didn't know we needed."

One more added, "This is the cutest collab. Patricia should honestly be an interviewer, I watch your vids and listen to your podcast and you bring out the best in everyone! Molly Mae is so chill, she doesn't care what people think she's just doing her thing".

Does Patricia Bright have a podcast?

Yup. In 2020 Patricia launched her podcast Caught Off Guard where she discusses relationship, money, successful and practical every day advice alongside guests.

From influencer Grace Beverley and the CEO of House of CB to supermodel Leomie Anderson - they spill the tea.

What is Patricia Bright's Instagram?

You can follow Patricia on Instagram @thepatriciabright.

Does Patricia Bright have Twitter?

She sure does and you can follow Patricia on Twitter @PattyOLovesU.

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