Pamela Anderson speaks out against whale hunting and calls for slaughter to end

Pamela Anderson has urged for whale hunting to STOP in a recent public appearance


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Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has used her fame to make a public stand against whale hunting at a recent animals rights forum.

The 48-year-old flew to Russia where she continued her passionate animal rights activism.

Pam was joined by fellow activists at the Eastern Economic Forum to discuss Russia’s role in the issue of whale hunting.

Earlier this year, the actress wrote a letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin urging him to stop the slaughter of whales on his shores.


She wrote: "I believe that we both share a mutual love for animals and a deep respect for nature and for this reason I would like to make a personal request to you, on behalf of endangered Fin whales.

"Your decision could put an end to the needless slaughter of endangered whales by Iceland."

Pam has been devoting her time campaigning for animal rights
Pam has been devoting her time campaigning for animal rights

Pamela has previously flown to the Faroe Islands to confront whale hunters face to face over the slaughter of hundreds of sea mammals.

Despite bans on commercial whaling and the trading of whale products, many countries continue to slaughter whales for meat.

According to research, whale meat has been linked to health problems, particularly in women of child bearing age and their children.

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