OSCARS: Ryan Seacrest and Guilana Rancic talk celebrity shmoozing on the red carpet

With the star-studded Oscars just around the corner, Closer gets the lowdown from E! Entertainment presenters Ryan Seacrest and Guilana Rancic – who’ll be rubbing shoulders with all the A-listers on the red carpet this Sunday, March 2, at the 86th Academy Awards bash.


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There must be a lot of pressure to get all the gossip when you’re on the red carpet…?

Ryan: One of the things I love is when you’re talking to a star or an artist and another other one approaches – they have an exchange with each other and we just shove the microphone up there to hear what they’re talking about!

Guilana: We did that to Cate Blanchett and Bono at the Golden Globes; she was going, ‘I loved your first album’. She is so funny. I love how glamorous our show is as well – at the Globes we had 20 cameras and beautiful, sweeping shots of Beverly Hills. No one else does it like we do.

What goes through your head before the show goes live?

Ryan: I usually think about where we’ll we eat afterwards - I’m starving by the time we get off the air!

Guilana: The thing I think about right before is - what can make a headline? What question could I ask someone? We want a moment to happen.

Ryan: She is such a pro. I’m hungry and she is headlining…

Do you ever get star struck?

Guilana: When one of the greats walks up you can’t help but not be intimidated. When Meryl Streep is standing in front of you, I don’t care what I ask her - I don’t hear a word she is saying! Inside we are fans too and I think that is what really makes our show work. I’ve worked with Ryan for so long but I used to have some fan moments with Ryan; I am like a loser like that! But we love doing what we do. We are passionate about it.

Ryan: You truly don’t know what someone is going to do or say, wear, drop or break – it’s like a little bit of a Hollywood sporting event!

Guilana: George Clooney is my number one!

Who are your fave stars to interview?

Guilana: George Clooney is my number one, Hugh Jackman is number two and number three is Bradley Cooper. My number one woman is Sandra Bullock; I love her, she is just fun. Even though these people are big movie stars, there is still something really cool and down to earth about them. They can still act like human beings and not robots when they talk to you.

Ryan: Jennifer Lawrence is really cool. I like her voice and she is totally down to earth - she seems so normal when you have a conversation with her. Hugh Jackman is the greatest guy in the world; he is so sweet.

Live from the Red Carpet: The 2014 Oscars, Sunday 2nd March at 10.30pm on E!

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