One isn’t clever enough to study here; Cambridge students angry that Prince William will be attending their university

Cambridge students are furious that William, who gained ABC grades at A-Level, has been accepted onto a course at the university…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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It's rare that you hear a word said against royals Prince William and Kate Middleton, but students at Cambridge University have slammed the "mediocre" future king after hearing he had been granted a place at their establishment.

Why? Because they don't think he's clever enough to be there.

Yup, as of next week, the Duke of Cambridge, 31, will become a full-time student at Cambridge for 10 weeks. He will be studying agricultural management, learning about the issues facing the UK's rural communities and the farming industry, in a bid to prepare him for his future role running the Duchy of Cornwall.

However students aren't very happy about the news at all. And it seems as if they don't think the high-profile student should be allowed to study alongside them at all.

Will Heilpern, a writer on the university paper, said the future king's grades of ABC at A-Level were "mediocre" and that he is not of Cambridge material.

“The Tab must point out that normally students need A*AA at A-level to gain entry to Cambridge University, whilst the Prince only achieved a mediocre ABC."


And plenty are suggesting that William's acceptance onto the course, which is being run by the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL), was only granted because his father, Prince Charles of Wales, is its patron.

The programme does not lead to a formal qualification and the costs will be met privately; a Kensington Palace spokesman has said that Wills is "very much looking forward to it".

**Do you think Prince William should be allowed to attend a course at Cambridge University? Or do you, like the students, believe it is unfair for the royal to be shown preference over others? **

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