Phillip Schofield just made a really RUDE joke on This Morning and no one can cope

Holly Willoughby Phillip Schofield This Morning

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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield spoke to Dr Chris Steele about whether sex is good for your heart

We've never usually surprised when watching This Morning because Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield get up to all sorts of shenanigans, but we almost spat our tea out today.

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During their regular chat about health with Dr Chris Steele, they were talking about whether regular sex is the answer to good heart health. Apparently, it's only good for men though (err, okay then). Dr Chris explained: "Women benefit less because sexual arousal is less dependent on increased blood flow in blood vessels."

Holly Willoughby Phillip Schofield This Morning
The conversation on This Morning turned X-rated (Credit: ITV) ©ITV / This Morning

The conversation took a surprising turn when Phil denied having a secret affair with Dr Chris. After the doctor admitted he and Phil were "smiling smugly" because of the research, the TV presenter looked directly at the camera and said: "Let me just say, this is not because Dr Chris and I have any relationship whatsoever."

That wasn't the all though, because Holly was quick to question whether the research was "discovered by a man".

She went on and pretended to be a man and joked: "Darling, it's good for my heart. You may have a headache, darling, but if you love me…"

Holly Willoughby Phillip Schofield This Morning
Holly and Phil were cracking a few jokes on This Morning (Credit: ITV) ©ITV / This Morning

It was shortly after Holly's joke that the conversation turned X-rated, Dr Chris responded and said: "I don't know… I'm gonna be dashing home for some more treatment tonight!"

Holly was clearly shocked and called Dr Chris "outrageous" but then Phil – who was team Dr Chris – literally made us gasp out loud (in the office) when he said: "We do all the work anyway.

"You don't get any exercise in 'put my nightie down when you've finished'."

Err, we're not quite sure your wife wants to hear that on the TV Phil.

Holly Willoughby Phillip Schofield This Morning
Phil may have said a little too much on This Morning (Credit: ITV) ©ITV / This Morning

Luckily everyone was laughing and Holly admitted: "This is shocking!"

We're surprised too Hols.

After Dr Chris confessed that he has coronary arteries that are damaged, Holly and Phil advised that he sort it out before quickly moving on from the conversation.

This Morning viewers found the segment hilarious, with one person tweeting: "Watching #ThisMorning @Schofe and @hollywills never fail to make me laugh! love em!!" 🤣🤣🤣

Another wrote: "Doctor Chris is a dirty dog #ThisMorning."

Someone else said: "'Pull my night down when you're finished' @Schofe just go x rate on #ThisMorning."

What did you think of This Morning's X-rate conversation? Do you believe sex is good for a healthy heart? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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