OMG! Jamie Foxx used to let Ed Sheeran crash at his house


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We love a tale of an unlikely friendship and this has got to be right up there with the most random.

So apparently Hollywood superstar Jamie Foxx used to let a certain Ed Sheeran sleep on his sofa and eat his food before the British singer made it big. And how do we know this fabulous showbiz information? Because Mr Foxx confirmed it himself, that's how!

Ed owes a lot to Jamie Foxx...(CREDIT: Instagram/edsheeran) ©Instagram/edsheeran

The actor was speaking to the Press Association while on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest movie Baby Driver and explained: ‘He sought me out, came to my house, he slept on my couch for, like, about a few weeks. He needed a place to stay, and work on his craft and be left alone. So I would give him food, let him work on his music.'

The visuals this is inspiring are amazing. And Jamie even took a then unknown Ed to an open mic night where his performance was so impressive he was convinced he'd be the next big thing.

He remembered: ‘I took him down to a live night to see him perform in front of a raucous crowd, he pops out with a ukulele, gets a standing ovation and I knew right there he was going to be something special.'

What we want to know is... how on earth did these two meet in the first place? Ed, we're begging you, spill the beans.

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