Olly Murs opens up about heartbreak: ‘I don’t think I’ll ever get over this’

The star confessed he drinks considerably more in lights of his split

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He’s the man of so many women’s dreams, but there's one girl who stolen Olly’s heart that he can’t seem to forget.

Olly, 32 broke up with his most recent girlfriend, Francesca Thomas, in September last year, but has recently admitted he hasn’t moved on from the property manager just yet - and fears he might not ever.

Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, the dashing singer revealed: “I’m not over it.

"I don't think anyone is ever over a break-up. You're always going to think about them and care about them.

"It's like you've lost someone, like you're grieving, because they were there all of the time and then they're not."

Poor Olly!

The Troublemaker singer confessed that his drinking habits have changed dramatically, and he feels his alcohol consumption has become a cause for concern.

The former X Factor prensenter admitted to the paper that now, as a single lad, he’s been out and about more than usual.

“Normally [I would have] a drink once or twice every two weeks and now it’s like… every two or three days.”

Olly first spoke about his break up from Francesca last year, revealing that they both were simply too busy to find time for each other.

He told the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine back in November: “You get to the point in a relationship where you have to decide what that next commitment stage is.

"We were both quite career-driven, so…”

And explained: “I do [want kids], but I’m not ready for it yet. I want to become a dad when I’m not touring.

"I want to be there every day for that child. I’m not at that place right now.”

Don’t worry, we’re sure the right girl is right around the corner!

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