North West modelling Chanel and more: Lisa Burrow’s weekly top picks

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by Lisa Burrow |
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With a wardrobe worth more than all ours put together and pictured on Twitter wearing a knitted Chanel sweater accessorised with a mini Chanel bag, Nori West made her first solo modelling appearance this week.

Of course, it's tempting to question whether a 13-month-old needs a designer handbag, but just try telling that to her style queen mum Kim Kardashian.

North modelling Chanel

It's easier to question the motives behind a grandmother's shocking decision to bind her baby granddaughter's mouth with Duct tape and place her in a roasting pan of potatoes so she could post a 'funny' photo on Facebook.

A grandmother posted this picture on Facebook as a 'joke'

If it was supposed to raise a laugh, it failed - a Closer Online poll shows 80% feel it's cruel. Gran Jackie Sheaks says she's been taught a lesson. It's understandable that people want to show off their babies online but they are little people not props and extreme pictures can easily backfire.

With the weather looking more like Autumn than August, why not flick through the week's top stories, or check out what to do this weekend. Enjoy!

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