Closer’s columnist Nicola Mclean: The truth behind Tom Williams’ tweets and why I’ve done a naked shoot

I've had a week of ups and downs but I suppose if it was all smooth sailing, it wouldn't be my life.

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by Jessica Anais Rach |
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I did an amazing 'Birthday Suit' photoshoot this week, the photographer is AK who was in 'The Valleys' and believe me, that show didn't do her any favours when it came to showing off her photography talent.

Anyway, I decided to strip off to celebrate turning 33, not everyone will agree with that but I have realised that I'm free to make my own choices, I love the images and am so proud that I can still model in my thirties.

I'm going to have to address Tom's tweets on Monday, although he has since deleted them.

He has said he was angry over some things that a magazine had written the previous week so decided to retaliate with those tweets. It was all very hurtful and upsetting but I stand by the fact that I truly hope Tom and I can be friends and parent our boys together even if we are separated.

Nicola with sons Rocky and Striker

Whatever has happened between us, the boys are our main focus in life and I will never do anything to try and stop Tom from having a relationship with our children. Sometimes in life adult relationships break down, but I will never do my children out of a relationship with their Dad.

On the subject of Twitter I really want to thank everyone who sent me kind tweets when I was going through a difficult time. I did read every single one and a lot of you helped me find some positivity and mental strength when I was feeling very low.

Behind the scenes at Nicola's shoot this week

There isn't a good enough tweet that I could write to say thank you properly! To those women who have asked me for advice, I really don't feel like I can give you proper advice over twitter. You need lengthy conversations and I can't recommend groups like the Women's Aid Charity enough for those of you who need help and advice, also a visit to your GP can be a huge help.

On a lighter note, my friend Micky Norcross is throwing a Birthday party for me at Sugarhut tonight and I can't wait.

I've got all of my real friends coming along, a fab little black dress from Designer Desirables to wear, I will probably get very drunk on fizz and I might even eat a little bit of cake! I'll tell you all about my party in next week's column!

Nicola xx

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