Newly single Vicky Pattison “I had a romance in Oz”

Vicky Pattison, 25, is one of the stars of hit MTV series Geordie Shore. She talks getting mobbed by fans, getting over her ex and fighting the flab…


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The new series of Geordie Shore is back on our screens – and this time the gang are Down Under!

Yes, it was absolutely amazing and I didn’t want to come home! We’re so lucky; we’ve got the best job in the world. We filmed in Sydney – not far from Bondi Beach, we woke up to the sun shining and everyone in a great mood because they live in this beautiful place.

'There are days when I don’t feel great and days when I’m on cloud nine'

What did the Aussies make of you all?

I didn’t realise how popular our show is over there until we got out there. It was crazy – we had to get 24-hour security at our house because people were breaking into our garden, trying to get a glimpse of us. They had to shut down the street and we had a police escort to places!

Blimey! Why do you think Geordie Shore is so popular over there?

I think the Australians are exactly the same as Geordies – they don’t take themselves too seriously and they love a drink. When we were filming in Cancun last year, as far as the Americans were concerned we were just a cheap Jersey Shore and they just didn’t get our sense of humour.

With ex Ricci (2nd from left) and other members of the Geordie Shore cast
With ex Ricci (2nd from left) and other members of the Geordie Shore cast

Could the Aussies understand the Geordie accent?

Sometimes when I was talking to people they would just stare at my mouth, nodding and laughing. I’m thinking, ‘that wasn’t a joke!’ But by the end we learnt to slow our talking down a bit and everyone understood us.

Your ex, Ricci (Guarnaccio) won’t be returning this series. Are you over him?

There are days when I don’t feel great and days when I’m on cloud nine and think to myself, how did I allow myself to be sad for so long when this is the real me? When I’m tired or hungover or just feeling a bit lonely and blue I do think, have I done the right thing? But I’m going to be up and down – it’s all still quite fresh.

Have you got your eye on anyone else?

There were a couple of boys in Australia who I managed to have a flirt on with and I did have a bit of a holiday romance but that was what it was, and it was fleeting because he lives on the other side of the world obviously. Now I’m back in the UK and single!

You managed to lose 10lbs at a Boot Camp before you left for Oz, have you managed to keep it off?

Of course not! I think the weight piled back on before I’d even landed in Australia, just on my 24 hour flight! It’s the drinking, but that’s what Geordie Shore is all about – living life to excess. It’s going out drinking, it’s Jager Bombs, it’s coming home and putting a pizza in. It’s the next day when you’re hungover and wanting carbs all day. So it’s difficult to keep the weight off!

Would you ever go out without fake tan?

No, never! I’m rarely without my tan. I did get a little bit of colour in Australia but nothing compared to how dark I like to be. I need two weeks in Greece just lying flat!

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