Neil Morrisey on Amanda Holden affair: ‘There is nothing was nothing to apologise about, she was already having problems in her marriage”

Former Men Behaving Badly star Neil Morrisey has spoken for the first time about his affair with Amanda Holden.


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Neil, 51, had a brief relationship with Amanda, 42, while she was still married to Les Dennis.

He has never apologised for the five-week affair, which caused Amanda and comedian Les to split when the fling was revealed.

Speaking about the fling for the first time for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Neil insists there is nothing to apologise about.

He said: “I don’t know what there is to apologise for. It was very difficult for him and for that I am sorry. I don’t think we could have avoided starting it byt we could have dealt with it differently.

“Amanda was having problems with her relationship anyway, as far as I was concerned. The ring was on the finger but the marriage was not really there. That was my understanding at the time.”

Neil insists he has nothing to apologise about over his affair with Amanda
Neil insists he has nothing to apologise about over his affair with Amanda

Neil describes his affair with Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda as ‘a lovely time’.

He also revealed that he has run into Les a few times since the affair was uncovered 13 years ago.

When asked by Piers if it was awkward, Neil said: “Slightly I’d say. Both of us are grown-ups. Les has got on with it and it has all worked out great.”

Despite the fling earning his a reputation as a ‘love rat’, Neil insists he is a nice guy.

He said: “Perhaps I should have had a long think about it. When you meet someone and have a bit of an infatuation it’s not easy to be in control of yourself, is it?

“We were having a great time but looking back it could have been more delicately handled. I should have known better.”

The actor gave his advice to young actors about staying away from married women. He said: “Don’t f*** a game show host’s wife.”

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