Neighbours star Olympia Valance shares emotional body confidence struggle

Neighbours actress Olympia Valance has spoken out about her struggle to be body confident


by Fiona Day |
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Looking at gorgeous Olympia Valance- younger sister of fellow Neighbours actress Holly- you would never think that she suffered from body confidence issues.

But in a revealing Instagram post, Olympia has admitted her struggle to embrace her curves.

Olympia's latest role has helped her accept her shape
Olympia's latest role has helped her accept her shape

Sharing a snap from a recent provocative lingerie shoot, Olympia wrote: “You haven't seen yourself at your most confident and beautiful until you've taken off your clothes and put on a set of incredibly beautiful lingerie.”

“Transformed from someone who once disliked their curves into someone who embraces them and the body they're given. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin. I've never owned my body more than I do now and I have @gossarduk to thank for that.”

Olympia is open about her love of food

Olympia’s struggle is one that nearly all women can identify with, and the right lingerie can definitely help boost your body image

The 22-year-old was forced to overcome her battle for body confidence when she was made the face of UK lingerie brand Gossard.

Based in Melbourne, the soap star leads healthy and active lifestyle but refuses to deny herself, posting pictures of various delicious dinners and treats on her Instagram page.

Does lingerie help you feel body confident like Olympia? Let is know in the comments section below.

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