Natasha Hamilton opens up about first Christmas with baby Ella

Natasha Hamilton has opened up about her breastfeeding battle - and her plans for baby Ella's first Christmas


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Writing in her blog at, the mum-of-four excitedly wrote: "O….M….G!!!

"Christmas has come early here as Ella has finally taken to the bottle. I still can’t quite believe it, and it is still only early days but the past 24 hours have been a total breakthrough.

"After persevering through numerous tantrums, teary stares in the eye and severe guilt, Ella has taken to a Nuk bottle."

She added: "I still want to breastfeed through the night and maybe her first and last feeds of the day, but taking the bottle has given me a little bit more freedom when it comes to going to work."

Natasha also revealed what she and partner Ritchie Neville are planning to buy three-month-old Ella Rose for her first Christmas - and, as it turns out, it's something very practical.


"But when we eat at the dinner table and she’s in her bouncer on the floor, she gets grizzly and wants to be sat on one of our knees.

"It’s like she feels left out and wants to be a part of the family meal, so it will be such a pleasure to have her sit with us on Christmas Day at the table."

Natasha added firmly: "She was given so many beautiful clothes when she was born and for the baby shower, so we don’t need to buy any new bits.

"But one more little present I’d like to get her is some bath toys. She absolutely loves being in the warm water and kicks about so much."

We hope that Natasha, who is also mum to Josh, 11, Harry, 9, and Alfie, 3, will have an amazing Christmas with her family this year.

**What will you be buying (or what did you buy) for your baby's first Christmas? **

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