Nadiya Hussain opens up about mental health struggles in brave Instagram post

Nadiya Hussain

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With a successful career and happy family, Nadiya Hussain seems to have it all.

After winning The Great British Bake Off in 2015, the incredible chef has released both recipe and fiction books, hosted her very own cooking show and even won awards for her TV presenting.

But appearances can be deceiving, as Nadiya revealed her mental health struggles with a brave and honest Instagram post this morning.


The star shared a photo of her sweet children smiling up at her but admitted, "I’ve had a bad couple of days. I want so badly to explain being in that black hole. But I can’t."

Referring to her children, she then wrote, "I get out of bed because I have to because they need me. The saddest thing is, the people that give me light in my life, even their smiles can’t fix what is so badly broken. So I push and tug at myself to see the love that they have to give and I push and tug and remind myself that I have the same love to share.

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"I don’t always see it, I can’t always find it. But when all three of them attached themselves to me like little love leeches this morning took this snap to remind me. They are the light in the dark place."

Nadiya, 33, is mother to sons Musa, 12, and Dawud, 11, and also has an eight-year-old daughter Maryam with her husband Abdul.

She then hopefully added, "I may not always find it, but they will guide me till I do. Even if it’s just a glimmer, I will keep going till I feel the sun on my face. #panicdisorder #anxiety #mentalhealth #feelthesun #itwillbeokay #three #life #happlyplace #light".

Mary Berry's pal has spoken out about her struggle with Panic Disorder in the past, admitting her husband has to "deal with it a lot".

She described her panic attacks to Stylist, explaining, "It lasts a couple of minutes, but as soon as you’ve had a panic attack it takes about three days to come back to normal – the last time I had one, I was in bed for two days.

"Once you’ve had a panic attack you live in fear that another one is going to come. From the second it’s gone, every moment every day is about the next one.

"The longest I’ve gone without a panic attack is about two months. Even then I can feel it bubbling away under the surface."

What a brave lady.


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