Nadine Coyle FINALLY defends Sarah Harding after CBB viewers turn on her


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Nadine Coyle has jumped to her ex-bandmates defence after Celebrity Big Brother viewers slammed her for her recent actions.

Nadine, who is still very close friends with Sarah, took to her Twitter account last night and went on a bit of a tirade, saying that the other CBB housemates wouldn't "dare utter a bad word" to Sarah if Nadine was in the house too.

The Irish popstar has been strangely quiet during Sarah's time in the house, but finally defended her friend last night.

Nadine and Sarah were always close in the band (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

She initially claimed that she hadn't been watching the show at all, writing: "I am so far behind on Sarah's show. What is happening? I need a major catch up session!! Xx"

She then went on something of a "rant", defending her friend since she's now become quite unpopular with viewers and offering "inside info" on her pal.

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Nadine tweeted: "Inside info on Sarah, she is a very natural being. She dwells on her feelings and acts on them. It is what makes her so unique," before saying that the hashtag "#nofilter was made for Sarah!!!"

She went on: "Those of us who know and love her know that. The support from you guys will mean the world to her!! Xx," before finishing with the slightly threatening: "If I was there, no-one would DARE utter a bad word to her!!!!! Xx"

Hmm... Is that a hint to CBB producers that you want to go in it, Nadine?!

Nadine's fans were split 50/50 - half of them agreed and said that they thought Sarah was wonderful, but the other half called her a "nightmare" and "selfish".

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