Myleene Klass believes children are being ‘overly sexualised’

Mum of two Myleene Klass says she is doing her bit to stop the over sexualisation of children


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As a best selling children’s clothing designer and mum of two, Myleene Klass – who has daughters Ava, eight, and Hero, four – says she’s doing everything she can to stamp out the overly sexualisation of children in the fashion industry.

Myleene – who launched her Baby K range ten years ago - explains: “I am hugely aware of over-sexualisation of kids and I won't be allowing anything in my range that can be sexualised. Cherries, for example, are banned.”

Myleene is a devoted mum to daughters Ava and Hero
Myleene is a devoted mum to daughters Ava and Hero

And whilst Myleene rose to fame in 2001 as part of popband Hearsay, she insists her young daughters aren’t allowed to watch music videos and don’t even own mobile phones.

Myleene says: “'I don't need to be fast-forwarding their lives. I would rather explain things to them in their own time than have them watch someone on TV with their crotch out, legs akimbo”

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