Mila Kunis opens up about birth plans: ‘Ashton will be head to head, not head to vag’

Mila Kunis, 30, has hilariously revealed that partner Ashton Kutcher will be 'head to head' when she goes into labour, not 'head to vag'


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Mila Kunis, 30, has remained quite tight-lipped about her and Ashton Kutcher's relationship - not to mention her first pregnancy.

But now, in a revealing new interview, she has opened up about their first baby - and the moment Ashton proposed.

"Without being an asshole, I have to say, I love being pregnant," she said proudly, happily explaining that her boobs have, as a result, "tripled in size".

Speaking about her plans for labour with Marie Claire, the proud mummy-to-be explained: "Two people are allowed in my delivery room. My doctor and my significant other.

"And he is staying above the action. He'll be head to head. Not head to vag. Unless he wants to risk his life and see. But I wouldn't if I were him."

Mila Kunis hand-in-hand with Ashton Kutcher
Mila Kunis hand-in-hand with Ashton Kutcher

She added laughingly: "I highly doubt he wants to see that being ripped apart and shredded. Because it will be shredded. It's just a matter of how badly."

Mila also chatted about her relationship with Ashton, with whom she was best friends first.

She said: "One day, it just changed. All of a sudden, it wasn't the same. And I was really proud of myself for acknowledging that.

"The best day of my life so far was the proposal. I cried. I was a mess. Not to discredit any relationships in my past, but this relationship is different."

Mila Kunis shows off her bump on the red carpet

You can read Mila Kunis' interview in full in Marie Claire but, in the meantime, what do you think about her views on labour? Would you want your partner in the room with you?

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