Michelle Keegan’s warning to Mark Wright: ‘Don’t turn our marriage into a competition’

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In this week's Closer Magazine we have the latest on Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright's marriage troubles. Here's a preview of our exclusive story...

Pals say Mark Wright is desperately trying to reassert himself after Michelle Keegan has outshone him as the main star in their relationship.

After he landed his first big US presenting gig at the start of last month, insiders say there is growing tension between Mark Wright and wife Michelle Keegan as the power balance in their relationship has shifted.

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Earlier this month, Mark, 30, filmed hit US programme Extra, rubbing shoulders with Mariah Carey and Nicole Kidman. He’s also promoting the new series of Take Me Out: The Gossip and has been surrounded by bikini-clad women every week during his DJ gigs in Mallorca.

And as Michelle, also 30, admits she’s missing her man as she films Our Girl in South Africa, insiders say Mark is finally regaining his confidence.

Mark Wright
Mark partying in Ibiza with mates this week (Credit: Instagram/ Mark Wright) © Instagram/ Mark Wright

A source says: “Mark watched Michelle take the starring role in their marriage last year when she got some huge gigs while he was struggling to land jobs. His ego took a big hit.

“Tension has been building between them ever since Mark landed his US gig, Michelle’s told hm about her insecurities, how the dynamic of their relationship is changing and how he’s been acting differently. She’s supportive but she doesn’t like how he’s making her feel - as if she’s the one who has to put herself out to support his dreams. She doesn't want it to feel like it's turning into a competition between them.”

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