Michelle Keegan reveals the biggest lie she’s ever told

Michelle Keegan looks too innocent to tell lies, doesn’t she?


by Jack White |
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We can’t imagine the 27-year-old tells a lot of white lies, but she’s confessed to spinning a HUGE one.

Appearing on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, former Coronation Street star Michelle admitted she once convinced her mum she had a job when she actually didn’t.

After going for the interview, Michelle assumed she’d got the job so her mum treated her so a shopping spree. But, when Michelle turned up for work, she found out she’d actually been unsuccessful.

Michelle once told her mum a HUGE lie
Michelle once told her mum a HUGE lie

She told Alan: “I went home and mum asked how it was and I couldn’t tell her.

“So for three weeks I got up at 6.30am, did my make-up and wore the outfit and left the house until my mum went to work.

“Then I’d go back in and go to bed. At 4pm when she got home I’d be gone. I’d get changed in my car and come home and pretend I’d done a full day’s work. It’s the worst lie I’ve ever told.”

Her performance in Ordinary Lies has been well-received by viewers and critics

Michelle doesn’t have to worry about things like that these days, though. She’s arguably one of the most famous women in the country and is currently starring in the popular BBC One drama Ordinary Lies.

She’s also preparing to marry former TOWIE star Mark Wright, and Alan asked her about what her friends had planned for the hen do.

Questioning the possibility of her ending up cling-filmed naked to a lamp post, Michelle replied: “Knowing my mates, that will probably happen.”

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