Michelle Keegan: ‘Everything’s changed – but this won’t break us’

As Michelle's career reaches new heights, insiders say she has been reassuring husband Mark that their marriage will always come first

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She’s had a stellar year, with her show, Fool Me Once, becoming a global hit on Netflix – and last week, Michelle Keegan’s fast-growing fortune was revealed, coming in at a whopping £3.6m.

Reports also claimed the former Coronation Street actress, 37, is earning close to £30,000 a week off the back of her acting career, modelling contracts and clothing brand.

But insiders now tell Closer that while her husband, former TOWIE star Mark Wright, is her number-one fan, her sky-rocketing success has caused some tension between them.

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mark's show with his brother and dad was cancelled ©BBC

“Even Michelle can’t quite believe just how much things have changed in terms of her and Mark’s careers,” the insider reveals. “There’s been highs and lows for both of them, but Michelle has let slip to pals that she feels slightly awkward about it all at the moment as they’ve almost swapped places.

“Of course, Mark is incredibly proud of his wife and her success. He loves and adores her – they’ve always been each other’s cheerleaders. But Michelle’s pals worry that he’s feeling a tiny bit jealous of it all, and that she’s feeling awkward as well.”

When they first met back in 2012, Mark, 37, was the heartthrob ladies’ man on hit reality show TOWIE, before going on to land various presenting gigs – ultimately culminating in an impressive stint out in LA on star-studded TV show, Extra.

But since his return to the UK after suffering homesickness, Mark has moved away from TV. He currently presents a weekly radio show and runs his own fitness brand, as well as teaming up with brands like Babybel and DJ-ing at Cheshire Fest this summer. He suffered a blow last summer when his travel show, A Wright Family Holiday, was cancelled after one series.

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back in her soap days ©Getty Images

Meanwhile, former soap star Michelle’s career has reached new heights. After Fool Me Once landed on Netflix at the start of the year – it’s become the platform’s sixth most-viewed series of all time – it’s no surprise the actress has reportedly been inundated with TV offers and other projects, with rumours even swirling that she might be the next Bond girl.

And insiders say that now the tables have turned, Michelle’s intense work schedule and offers have been tough for Mark to deal with.

The source says, “Michelle remembers years ago the feeling of trailing behind Mark when he was one of the hottest rising stars on US television, presenting Extra – while she struggled to get anywhere. Back then, no US agent would give her the time of day. But that’s all completely changed now. Her success on Netflix has finally put her on the global map, and rather than knocking on doors, it feels like she’s having to fight agents off with a stick.

“Mark, on the other hand, really hoped to continue his TV career back in the UK, but it hasn’t quite worked out. At one point, there was talk of them both working together as a presenting duo, which Mark was really excited about,” our source adds.

michelle keegan
she is now globally known due to her netflix success ©David Fisher/Shutterstock

“But it was never a passion for Michelle, who has always put her love for acting first. She’s worked hard at it, travelling around the world at a moment’s notice. Now it feels like it’s all paying off. She knows that Mark is proud of her, she just hopes he’s not annoyed that he’s not having the same moment as she is.”

Mark and Michelle have been together for 12 years. They began dating after meeting in Dubai in 2012 and they got married in a lavish ceremony two years later. Last summer, they moved into their £3.5m Essex mansion – complete with a football pitch, home gym and outdoor swimming pool. The couple have also taken on work projects together. Earlier this year, they launched a joint fitness wear venture called Aytee7, and have modelled and travelled together to promote the collection.

However, Closer’s source says acting is still Michelle’s main focus at the moment. “Obviously they do have business ventures together, like their clothes firm, and they discuss everything with each other,” our source continues.

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“But lately, Michelle’s focus has solely been on her acting career, while Mark has been left with picking up more of the loose ends of other projects they have together.

“Michelle has reminded Mark that family, her marriage and home life will always come first. She is riding high at the moment and loving her career, but has said she knows that family is what matters most and that however big her career gets, it would never tear them apart – it’s just that, right now, she’s got to strike while the iron’s hot.”

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