Michelle Keegan on Coronation Street exit doubts: “I wondered if I’d made the right decision”

Michelle Keegan has admitted she had doubts over her Coronation Street exit, and wondered if she made the right decision in quitting.


by Jack White |
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Her character on the soap, Tina McIntyre, is to be killed off which means Michelle will not have the option to return.

Speaking to the Mirror, 26-year-old Michelle said: “Initially I was a bit nervous, wondering if I’d made the right decision.

“But I don’t want to look back in 10 years and think, ‘What if?’ At the minute, I’ve got no babies so I can venture out and try other things.”

While viewers don’t yet know who will kill Tina, Michelle admits she does. Or at least, she thinks she does.

Following her exit, Michelle can focus on her upcoming wedding to Mark Wright
Following her exit, Michelle can focus on her upcoming wedding to Mark Wright

She added: “I haven’t told anyone I know what happens. It’s really exciting. We haven’t really done anything like this before, so I think it give something back to the viewers.

“I do know who kills Tina… at least I think I do. They might change the ending at the last minute.”

Michelle recently revealed a few details about her character’s exit, admitting that the injuries are ‘horrific’.

She told New! Magazine: “It’s horrible. I’ve got photos of what I look like in those scenes and my dad found it difficult to look at them. Tina is in a coma and there’s pressure on her brain so they have to cut away a bit of skull and she’s got a swollen eye.

“It’s not nice. I had to walk into the canteen like that at lunchtime. You should have seen people’s faces!”

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