Men and women reveal their surprisingly different versions of the perfect female body

It turns out men and women have very different ideas when it comes to the perfect female body.


by Fiona Day |
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Lingerie company Bluebella has talked to several members of both sexes to find out who they think has the perfect body.

According to the research, women admire supermodel Cara Delevingne’s bold brow framed face and the Duchess of Cambridge’s long, luscious hair.

Women also envy ‘The Body’ Elle MacPherson’s long, slim legs. Men, on the other hand, were more attracted to curvaceous celebrities rather than the slim supermodels that women aspire to look like.

The perfect woman according to other women (left) and according to men (right)
The perfect woman according to other women (left) and according to men (right)

According to Bluebella’s research, men see their ‘perfect’ woman as having breasts like Kim Kardashians, Michelle Keegan’s flat stomach coupled with Kelly Brook’s full, womanly hips.

When it comes to the perfect man, women say that they are attracted to Fifty Shades Of Grey star Jamie Dornan.

They are also keen on One Direction star Harry Styles’ hair and Brad Pitt’s toned biceps.

The perfect man according to women (left) and men (right)

Men choose to aspire to look like Ryan Gosling and the research revealed that thy wished to have the ‘rippling muscles’ of X Men star Hugh Jackman.

Both sexes opted for football player legs, with women picking David Beckham's muscular pins and men opting for Frank Lampard's.

It seems that women are focusing more facial features and hair styles, whereas men are focusing more on body types, particularly boobs and bums!

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