Should men wear ‘engageMAN’ rings à la Zayn Malik and Johnny Depp?

Following the revelation that One Direction’s Zayn Malik has decided to wear an engagement band, should more men follow in his footsteps?


by Fiona Day |
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Zayn Malik, who proposed to Little Mix's Perrie Edwards last year, recently showed off his own engagement ring on instagram. And the One Directioner isn't the only celebrity to break tradition.

Johnny Depp has also revealed he wears a matching engagement ring to his bride-to-be, actress Amber Heard. Instead of it being a planned decision, the 51-year-old insists that he decided to wear it purely because it was ‘too big’ for Amber’s finger.

So could we be waving goodbye to tradition and seeing more men jump on the ‘engageMan’ bandwagon?


Zayn was snapped wearing his 'engagement ring'
Zayn was snapped wearing his 'engagement ring'

We’ve all seen women collectively ‘oohing’ and ‘ahh-ing’ over their friend’s impressive engagement ring, well it turns out men want to feel just as special as women when it comes to announcing their nuptials.


One groom told The Atlantic that after he proposed he told his fiancee: “‘I would love an engagement ring… She insisted on buying me a ring right at that moment. I put it on, and it just felt right.”

Traditionalists argue that since men are usually the ones to propose, the woman should wear the ring.

Zayn and Perrie now both wear engagement rings

But I agree with the sentiment behind men wearing an engagement ring. I believe that rather than marriage being a means of staking a claim on another person it should be a loving partnership.


If both halves of a couple wear an engagement ring, it cements that partnership, rather than asserting that a person is ‘yours.’

Men wearing engagement rings is just a modern twist on a traditional practice.

Do you think that men should wear engagement rings?

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