‘Little Mix are amazing – it’s a shame what’s happened’

Melladaze - who were finalists Little Mix: The Search last year - talk about the Little Mix feud, Jesy's single 'Boyz' and their new song


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They were put together and mentored by Little Mix on their talent TV show 'The Search' last year, and are now girl group Melladaze tell Closer what the girls are really like, and their thoughts on the drama that's gone on between them in recent weeks.

Like Little Mix were on The X Factor in 2011, Melladaze were complete strangers when they were put together as a girl group at the audition stages of 'Little Mix: The Search'. But they hit it off instantly, and went all the way to the final, before narrowly missing out on winning to pop group Since September

Megan Whelan - who makes up Melladaze alongside Aislí Moran, Liv Aidam, Ellie Allen, and Lauren Bowry - says, "The Little Mix girls were actually amazing. They gave us so much advice throughout the show, and after it as well. Their level of success is what we aspire to achieve. We actually sent our new single to the girls for some feedback, and the fact that they liked it just meant so much to us! It's a shame what's gone on, but we'll always support each of them in whatever they do.”

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Is bullying tearing Little Mix apart?

The truth about Jesy Nelson's feud with Little Mix

Fears for Jesy Nelson amid Little Mix proposals

Little Mix: The Search ended last November - just weeks before Jesy Nelson announced her shock departure from the band, citing her mental health as the reason. Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall all threw their support behind Jesy and her decision, and things seemed amicable. But cracks began to show earlier this year when, in May, Jesy revealed she hadn't spoken to her former bandmates since she quit the group.

And things reached fever pitch earlier this month when Jesy dropped her debut solo single 'Boyz' featuring Nicki Minaj. While the song hit number one around the world, it also drew backlash, with accusations of cultural appropriation and 'blackfishing'. And a series of leaked direct messages appeared to show Leigh-Anne, 30, and TikTok star NoHun discussing the single, with Leigh-Anne saying that Jesy had blocked her and her bandmates, and alleged Jesy was 'a horrible person'.

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Little Mix's next steps

Other than creating hits, what could we witness Little Mix do next? Hmm, well firstly we're putting this one out into the universe: **Little Mix could stay together forever and NEVER break up?**Fingers crossed for this one! ud83eudd7a

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Little Mix turn Hollywood actresses

Now this is something a lot more positive - and we are totally here for: Little Mix turn movie stars? YES PLEASE!It's not absurd to witness pop stars cross over to film and make their way into the world of acting, we've seen it done by the likes of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Harry Styles.And Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock is already one step ahead as she's just finished filming for her debut role in an upcoming movie 'Boxing Day'. Could we see Perrie and Jade follow in Leigh-Anne's footsteps? We'd seriously love to see it.

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Could Little Mix become Little Farmers?

Could we see Little Mix moving abroad and owning their own farm? Random we know but why not?__ We can already imagine the looks the girls would serve us in their plaid overalls and straw hats.When the girls ditch their pop-star duties, they're often goofing around at home and spending time with their loved ones, including their furry friends who are no strangers to the members' Instagram accounts.We know Perrie has her Pomeranian Hatchi, and her other pooch Travis. Jesy has her two Pomeranian dogs Reggie and Oscar. And Leigh-Anne has got a gorgeous pup named Kyro. Jade, however, hasn't got any furry friends. But, it's no secret that Little Mix are animal lovers, so how far-fetched really is this idea of the girls moving abroad and owning a farm? We truly can see it.

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Going solo

Could we witness Little Mix going solo? All the great girlbands do it: Destiny's Child, Fifth Harmony, The Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud. It would be heartbreaking to watch Little Mix dismantle but these girls have some serious all-round talent; they sing and dance. _chef's kiss_We reckon their friendship would survive going solo too but that being said, we LOVE Little Mix and would hate to see them part ways. So we're keeping our eyes on this one...

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Keeping up with Little Mix

Could Little Mix launch their own reality TV show, documenting a behind-the-scenes series of their everyday lives?The girls have done their own version of Come Dine With Me on their YouTube channel and it was EPIC. We got a sneak peek inside their homes and their normal lives. If the girls did follow in the footsteps of the Kardashians and had their own reality TV show, they certainly would not have to worry about getting views.

Little Mix
Little Mix as a foursome

And Lauren now says, “We all love Jesy's song to be fair! As soon as it came out, we did a TikTok dance to it. And ten minutes later, Jesy reposted it on her Instagram story! We were thinking, 'Oh my God, Nicki Minaj might see that!' We are loving the song, she's done amazingly.

“Little Mix have always been so amazing to us - we genuinely wouldn't be here without them. So we just wish the very best for each of the girls in everything they do."

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Feuds within girl groups seem to continually hit headlines over the years - with the likes of Girls Aloud, the Spice Girls and the Sugababes rumoured to have feuded behind the scenes. And speaking about being in a girl group, Liv says, “I think when you work together closely, there's obviously going to be disagreements. We're not going to sit here and say everything is perfect all the time. We are five independent women, who've got five completely different mindsets! I think it's just important to always respect each other on a level, even if you agree to disagree.

"Little Mix have had an amazing, ten-year-long career that's still going strong. They have such a bond. We'd love to follow in their footsteps, and we're committed to being as successful as we can."

Melladaze's new single ‘I H8 U’ is out now. Stream on Spotify, Apple Music and watch on YouTube here.

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