Melanie Sykes shares her hot body secrets

Naughty at forty, Melanie Sykes shares her diet secrets.


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She is a former model, a TV presenter and a mother of two with an enviable figure. Melaine Sykes, even in her 40s, look stunning and claims that she has never felt better!. Her body, she claims, is a result of hard work. 'I don't roll out of bed looking amazing.'

'I never had to exercise in my 20's but now I have to be an avid gym bunny'

She works out for 60 minutes daily, which involves boxing, free weights and core stability exercises. She also loves swimming and does yoga regularly.

She said: 'I love the buzz you get from weights and boxing. It is a great way to bust stress.'

Melanie Sykes
Melanie Sykes

Melaine also insists that it is never too late to get into shape: 'I never had to exercise in my 20's but now I have to be an avid gym bunny.

'I love the way the gym makes me feel and I try to encourage other women to follow in my footsteps, hard work pays off and it's definitely possible for women to look their best after their 40's and so I have proved.'

Melanie insists that she does not skip meals and sticks to the three meals a day rule, 'I can't survive on less than that. I love food and would eat absolutely anything.'

Melanie Sykes body

She told Closer: I'll have porridge for breakfast and that fills me up until lunch. For lunch I’ll have something like sushi or a sandwich with soup. At night I always cook a proper meal. I’ll eat absolutely anything, I love food.

'If I want to snack I keep it healthy by consuming nuts or cereal bars.'

Well, Melaine Sykes is surely reaping the fruits of her healthy lifestyle with a new toyboy on the go! Good for her, we say!

By Fatima Islam

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