Matt Willis opens up about wedding shame: ‘I looked like a fat mess’

Matt has revealed he can’t look at his wedding photos from his special day with Emma

Matt and Emma Willis

by Francesca Battson |
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Matt Willis has opened up about why he can no longer look at snaps from the day he married his wife, Emma Willis.

Matt and Emma tied the knot in 2008, and have recently welcomed their third child Trixie Grace to their family, who joins siblings Isabelle and Ace.

However, Matt has now revealed that his wedding photos are the reason he decided to get into shape.

Speaking to Men’s Fitness, Matt said: “I got married and I hated myself in the wedding pictures. I looked like a fat mess.”

Explaining that he had a problem with alcohol and drugs, Matt then revealed that even after stopping consuming the bad toxins, it was his diet too that was affecting his appearance.

“I realised, ‘Oh it’s probably because I’m eating fried chicken and drinking things with loads of sugar in’,” he said.

“Once I started taking care of nutrition, it all clicked. I’ve got a bad relationship with food. I’m very obsessive about it.”

Opening up about the fact that he isn’t “very good at moderation”, the Busted singer said that sugar is the worst for triggering his obsession. Matt admitted that if he consumes it, something will trigger in his brain and becomes “a monster” and cannot control himself.

However the 33 year old did admit that he treats himself to dark chocolate on occasion, joking: “I’m wild, aren’t I?”.

Matt has recently been touring with James Bourne and Charlie Simpson after Busted reunited last year, after 12 years apart.

The father-of-three admitted that he’s been waiting six years for the band to reunite, and they are currently working on a brand new album.

Whilst Matt has been touring with Busted, Emma has been preparing for the next series of Big Brother, which starts Tuesday 7th June.

So the couple has been quite busy since the birth of their daughter in May, to say the least!

We're glad that Matt now feels happy with his appearance, and hope that the Willis family will take many photos that he can one day look back on with joy.

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