Marvin Humes: ‘Rochelle is just like my mum’

Marvin Humes has revealed that wife Rochelle is similar to his own mum!


by Fiona Day |
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Some say that when a man is looking for partner, he is really looking for someone like his mummy.

Turns out this odd Oedipus-like complex is apparent amongst our favourite celebs, including former JLS star Marvin Hims

In a recent interview, the dad-of-one claims he’s ‘picked someone who’s just like my mum’.

The 29-year-old told Sunday People: "Do you know what… I’ve picked someone who’s just like my mum!"

Rochelle and Marvin married in 2012
Rochelle and Marvin married in 2012

"OK, they don’t look like each other, but they have the same personality traits. They’re both very independent and know exactly what they want, they’re close to their family… and they’re both stubborn! How surreal, I never realised that before."


Marvin also revealed that mum Sharon’s first meeting with Rochelle, 25, was ultra nerve-racking.

He said: “I think Rochelle was a bit nervous to meet her, but they hit it off straightaway. It’s difficult for women with sons, because they’re extra protective. It’s the opposite-sex thing."

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