Married At First Sight’s Jamie Otis opens up about her heartbreak

She took to her blog to express her feelings after her miscarriage

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner Married at First Sight

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Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner tragically lost their unborn child just two days ago.

The couple met on TV show Married At First Sight, where they wed the first day of meeting and have been together for almost two years.

Jamie and Doug have been through their ups and downs throughout their relationship, however within the last two weeks the pair have been through their biggest high and low yet.

Last week (8 July) Jamie took to her social media to announce they were expecting a baby, which was due to be born in December.

But in just under a week, the couple sadly announced that they had tragically suffered a miscarriage.

Jamie took to Instagram last night to grieve by posting a photo of one of her last visits to see ‘baby hehner’.

She wrote alongside the snap: “I was always so excited for Doctor visits because it meant I could see my little baby bouncing inside me. This was one of our last visits.”

Jamie also told fans that she had written a blog post about losing her child and thanked everyone for their love and support at this devastating time.

In her blog, Jamie explained they were planning a gender reveal party when they found out their heartbreaking news.

“I was on Facebook making the “event” when we walked into a high risk doctor’s office. I had been bleeding for a few weeks prior, but every time we checked the baby (which was usually twice a week) the little one was kicking, moving, and the heartbeat was going strong.

She revealed that the doctors said “nothing seemed wrong” with the placenta either, and she had read other blogs about women bleeding during pregnancy which allowed her mind to relax.

Jamie’s bleeding had stopped, but the couple went to see a high risk doctor to make sure everything was still alright. And whilst waiting for their appointment, the couple were planning their reveal party.

Tragically, the doctor then revealed the awful news.

“The doctor flat out said ‘The prognosis is very poor and there is nothing you can do to help it. You have very little amniotic fluid for the baby’, Jamie wrote.

“I’m a nurse so I know how important amniotic fluid is for growth and development, but I just couldn’t believe my ears.”

The 30-year-old said she couldn’t understand why the prognosis was so “poor” when they had just seen their little one moving around less than a week before.

Jamie decided to “go on bed rest, drink lots of coconut water and even more regular spring water and fight for [their] baby” – however, there was nothing that could be done.

Some may wonder why the reality star was quick to write a blog about her devastating news, but Jamie revealed that writing is her “therapy”.

“Hearing feedback from others who have experienced this incredible loss is therapy. Talking about my baby who I fell in love with the minute I knew his little heart was beating inside me is therapy,” she explained.

“I wish I could hold him and love on him. His little feet and hands were so precious. He was beyond adorable, even at 17 weeks.”

Jamie and Doug ask prayers for themselves, their families and “little baby Hehner” at this sad time.

Our thoughts are with you all. We help these beautiful poems will help you and others that have suffered stillbirths or miscarriages to grieve.

You can read Jamie’s blog here.

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