Marnie Simpson thinks Stephanie Davis is having a breakdown… but she doesn’t have any sympathy for her

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Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has once again had her say on Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell's relationship

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell have finally called it quits following their latest drama. It all kicked off after Steph was arrested, Jez claimed the mother of his child is pregnant again and then the CBB stars deleted all traces of each other on social media.

Now Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has had her say on their relationship and confessed she thinks Steph is "having a breakdown."

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Writing on her Star magazine column, she spoke about the latest drama between Steph and Jez where the former Hollyoaks actress slammed the father of her child on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, the 24-year-old mum claimed the Irish model never paid child support or rent and allegedly gave her chlamydia.

Stephanie Davis
Steph hit out at Jeremy on social media (Credit: Instagram / stephaniedavis88) ©Instagram / stephaniedavis88

Now reality star Marnie has revealed she's worried about the mum-of-one following the most recent drama in her relationship with Jez. She said: "So Steph Davis has tweeted about Jeremy McConnell yet again.

"I worry she’s having a breakdown. I don’t feel sorry for her, I just think the pair of them should stop falling out so publicly and get some help in private, because no one wants to see that s--t."

Marnie Simpson
Marnie has revealed that she doesn't feel sorry for Steph (Credit: Instagram / marniegshore) ©Instagram / marniegshore

In the past the Geordie Shore star has had some harsh words about the reality couple, in her column she branded the pair "an absolute disgrace" before adding: "I'm so worried about baby Caben-Albi being around that toxic environment.

"I've had had relationships, but God knows how horrendous theirs must be behind closed doors if they row like that in public.

"They need help."

Jeremy McConnell Stephanie Davis
After a turbulent relationship which started last year Steph and Jeremy have split (Credit: Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke) ©Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke

This isn't the first-time Marnie and Steph have been at odds, at the beginning of the year after Steph had given birth and Jeremy still denied being Caben's father Marnie hinted that her co-star Scotty T could be the dad.

Then last month, Steph claimed that Marnie and her ex-boyfriend Lewis Bloor copied her and Jeremy's relationship and the Geordie star did not take that comment well...



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