Mariah Carey celebrates the time of her birth four times a day

She’s one of the world’s most successful divas and Mariah Carey has confessed she reminds herself of her own importance at least four times a day.


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Mariah turned 45 on 27 March this year, but her celebrations still aren’t over. In fact, she marks the TIME she graced the Earth in 1970 every day, making sure to account for every timezone.

Speaking to US Weekly, she said: “I do not observe birthdays. I do, however, celebrate the anniversary of my birth every day at 3:27 a.m., p.m., EST, PST and ST!”

While this may sound absolutely mental to some, mother-of-two Mariah is famous for her alleged outrageous behaviour.

Mariah celebrates the anniversary of her birth four times a day!
Mariah celebrates the anniversary of her birth four times a day!

According to reports, when playing a concert in London one Christmas, Mimi requested 20 white kittens and 100 doves. Because why not, eh?

Her usual rider apparently includes a pink carpet, confetti shaped as butterflies and 80 security guards.

Mariah is obsessed with butterflies and in 2007 she reportedly spent £6,600 on 12 bottles of perfume – because the crystal bottle design had a butterfly stopper.

Mariah on holiday with new boyfriend James Packer

A source told In Touch at the time: “Mariah is crazy about butterflies, so she just had to have them. She thinks the scent will make her smell like a butterfly.”

When you’ve sold over 200 million records worldwide and you’re worth over £320 million you’re allowed to be a little bit eccentric, ok?

During the new interview, Mariah also opened up about her unusual workout techniques.

She said: “I swim in evening gowns and heels.” Could she be any more fabulous?

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