Madonna posts pictures of herself ‘doing some housework’ in fishnets and jewels

Queen of pop Madonna has posted some revealing selfies of herself ‘doing some housework’ wearing not much more than fishnet stockings and lingerie.


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We all know that Madonna likes to flash the flesh, but most people opt for something a little bit more comfortable when they do the hovering.

Madonna is pictured in her bathroom (apparently cleaning) in perfect make-up and dripping with jewels.

She shared the snap with the caption: ‘Doing some housework before heading to the studio with Avicci! #artforfreedom #clean.’

Madonna works hard to stay youthful
Madonna works hard to stay youthful

The 55-year-old star has been busy recording new music, and by the looks of things trying been keeping busy managing the household chores as well!

The changing faces of Madonna

The star proved that she is looking amazing in her 50s, which she puts down to working hard on her fitness.

Madonna shared the snap on her Instagram page

The legendary singer is often pictured leaving the gym following gruelling workouts with her trainer.

The pop star has recently caused some outrage with her Instagram page by posting some controversial photos of son Rocco.

Madonna took a snap of son Rocco and friends jokingly clutching bottles of gin during New Years celebrations.

She was met with comments by appalled followers, to which she said they should ‘get a sense of humour.’

We wonder what she'll post next? Stacking the dishes in her knickers?

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