I’m A Celeb 2014: Jimmy Bullard slammed as bully by Jake Quickenden fans

Jimmy Bullard's chances of winning I'm A Celeb 2014 have been slashed after his furious attack on X Factor's Jake Quickenden


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Jimmy Bullard has been a favourite to win I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here 2014 since the show began.


But, following a vehement and expletive-filled argument with Jake Quickenden, the ex-footballer has been branded a bully by disgusted fans.

It began when the former X Factor contestant compared Jimmy Bullard's body to that of veteran news reader Michael Buerk.

Jake explained: "This morning me and Jim had a bit of banter.

"Vicki came in and Michael was lying on a bed and she thought it was Jimmy so I was like whay-hay, Jimmy, Vicki thought you was Michael. You must have the same body. And he didn’t really like it!"

Furious at being compared to 68-year-old Michael, Jimmy replied: "I look like him? I don’t give a f***. Just because I’m the governor at Banter.

"You just get hurt you lanky piece of s***."



Jake responded: "You bite so quick. You don’t come back with anything. You get nasty. You get nasty, don’t you? It don’t matter. I understand, it’s fine.

"I miss the old Jim that you was when I first came in. The nice guy who was funny. Not the annoying p****."

Jimmy replied: "I can’t be your entertainment all the time. You can’t rely on me. You’ve got to entertain yourself because you banter’s sh*te."

He then pushed further, saying: "You weren’t (entertaining) on The X Factor, that’s for sure.

"I thought you had a bit about you but the more I’m getting to know you, the more I’m just thinking, 'what the f*** is this pr*** doing in here? What’s he offering?'

"Why the f**k are you in here? What are you? What sort of skill have you got?"


Jimmy then looked towards Foggy saying: "World champ, fair enough, what the f*** have you done? Picked a mic up?"

Jake calmly defended himself as he said: "I said that when I came in. I don’t even know why I’m here myself. You Mr Burns looking ****."

While Jimmy defended his outburst as 'banter', viewers took to Twitter to slam him for his bullying behaviour.

However some sought to defend Jimmy, insisting he had been misrepresented.

Later Jimmy apologised and the pair gave each other a hug.

Jimmy said: “I hurt you there, didn’t I, that little bit of banter?... I didn’t mean it. Just pure banter and I mean that. I would never, ever mean it, you know it. I can tell from your body language.’

But the damage has, it seems, already been done.

Ladbrokes spokesman Jessica Bridge said: “Jimmy’s odds of winning the show are drifting like a barge, and it now looks like the jungle joker has peaked too soon.

“The bromance is quickly breaking apart, but the money suggests Jake is in pole position to overtake Bullard as the camp king.”

Do you think Jimmy Bullard is a bully? Let us know via the comments box below.

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