Luisa Zissman strips off for raunchy photoshoot: ‘Katie Price is savvy.. she’s not keen on me though!’

Luisa Zissman has stripped off for a sexy lads mag shoot where she revealed her ambition to go into politics.


by Fiona Day |

As she posed in skimpy underwear for lads mag ZOO, the former Apprentice contestant revealed: “Well, I do think I could be Prime Minister and the nation would be far better off with me in charge. I love politics, although politicians don’t get paid enough, so I’m not convinced it’s a feasible career path for me.”

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She continued: “I’m unique and encompass a variety of assets. I can pop up on TV at the weekend, be back in work on 
a Monday and then have my kit off for ZOO by Friday. I’m like dice; I have lots of different sides and mix it up a bit.”

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Luisa admitted that she has been compared to other businesswomen-turned-glamour models…

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“People say I’m more like Katie Price: she’s savvy and astute. I’ve heard she’s not keen on me, though!”

“I’m just a normal girl with a healthy sex drive. Someone recently asked me if it was normal to have sex twice a day. I was like, “Doesn’t everyone do that?” I have a good sexual appetite for a 27-year-old. It’s not like I’m 80!”

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She added: “Guys tend to ask for a picture and then run away! People say I’m intimidating, but if you’re a strong character who can put me in my place, then we’re all good. I need an equal in every sense of the word: work, intellect… and in the bedroom!”

Luisa also revealed that she doesn’t plan on dating any of her fellow celebrities: “I get quite a few DMs on Twitter, but I tend not to socialise with celebrities and didn’t invite a single one to my big birthday bash. They’re all boring, egotistical, insecure wannabes. I don’t see the point in them.”

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