Luisa Zissman flaunts her flat tummy weeks after giving birth

The reality star shocks fans with amazing before and after pics

luisa zissman

by Cate Sutherland |
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Luisa Zissman has always been in amazing shape, especially for a woman who dedicates this much time to baking!

But The Apprentice star shocked fans with these before and after snaps of her glorious belly.

Taking to Instagram she wrote:

"2 weeks ago vs this morning. Surprised at how quickly my stomach has gone down. I gained 2st with this pregnancy & have 7lbs to lose now."

Indigo Esme Collins is the 29-year old’s first child with husband Andrew Collins. She has another daughter, Dixie, with entrepreneur Oliver Zissman who co-founded Totally Fitness.

Luisa gained only half the weight of her first pregnancy despite doing NO exercise because of crippling pelvic pain. But she does admit to eating well and the benefits of being fit and healthy beforehand.

She wrote: "I ate well but didn't deny myself anything. As soon as doc signs me off I'll be following @kayla_itsines programme to get fit, doing Pilates & yoga and of course my beloved horse riding."

Luisa says it was the perfect hypnobirth, with little Indigo popping out after a one hour labour with no pain relief.

Trolls have slated Luisa for deleting all trace of her kids on social media but the svelte star is determined not to let them spoil the early days of being a proud mum.

She’s clearly enjoying GB's equestrian performance at the Rio Olympics, catching snippets of the dressage competiton between feeds.

After posting pics in her riding gear a week after giving birth, incredulous fans warned Luisa about getting back in the saddle too early. The diminutive star did complain about trotting with a weakened core.

But with such dedication to post-natal yoga and Pilates, we expect to see Luisa riding high again soon.

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