Luisa Zissman blasts Nigel Farage: “I think voting UKIP is a fatal decision”

Luisa Zissman as hit out the UKIP political party, slamming its leader Nigel Farage.


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In the local elections this week UKIP dominated the vote and Luisa says this could be fatal for the UK.

Writing in her column for the Daily Star, the 26-year-old said: “It’s probably fair to say that the general UK population have no idea or interest in politics. While Farage may have a point in our coalition Cameron ministry, his offer to solve issues that people see as a problem are the not the miracle cure.

“It’s not going to create Utopia. I think voting UKIP is a fatal decision.”

Luisa blasted Nigel and his party UKIP
Luisa blasted Nigel and his party UKIP

Speaking about anti-immigration, saying it’s where Nigel and UKIP gain most of their support, Luisa said: “Are you sitting on your sofa, reading this unemployed, because the EU flood gates are open and someone has taken your job?

“Or are you just a lazy Brit who likes moaning about not having a job while actually plonked on you’re a**e watching Jeremy Kyle every day?”

She insisted people were making a huge mistake by voting for them

Lusia insisted that the UKIP policy to opt out of the EU is ‘backwards’, and urged the public not to fall for Farage’s attempts.

Asking how UKIP were managing to get votes, Luisa added: “He’s so short-sighted. Immigration is actually good for our country; it helps the economy grow as does being a part of the EU.

“We can travel easily, while benefit from free movement of trade, labour and capital are substantial.”

Luisa ended by saying: “Fortunately, I doubt UKIP will have any bearing on the general elections, for if Fascist Farage ever made it into power the voters that put him there will suffer for years to come.”

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