Lucy Mecklenburgh on plastic surgery: “It’s frightening to me just how common it is”

Lucy Mecklenburgh has hit out at young people getting plastic surgery, insisting it’s unnecessary for people in their 20s to get Botox.


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The former TOWIE star, 22, told a UK newspaper that she thinks surgery isn’t the answer and that young people just need to eat healthily and work out regularly.

She said: “I’m sticking to my guns that at 22 you don’t need Botox and things like that. It’s frightening to me just how common plastic surgery is. It’s almost like going to get your nails done.

Lucy doesn't agree with young people turning to plastic surgery
Lucy doesn't agree with young people turning to plastic surgery

“I find it quite upsetting, especially the quick weight-loss surgeries. I think actually if you just went to the gym three times a week and ate a bit better and drank a bit more water then you could do that naturally.”

Boutique owner Lucy drew upon her own experience of using natural methods to achieve her body.

Talking about some pictures of her that were taken when she was in Mexico last January, Lucy said: “The photos weren’t awful but there was a saggy bum, cellulite – a few nasty comments underneath.”

She prefers to use natural methods to keep fit and healthy

But instead of being upset by the comments, Lucy used them to spur her on. “I was like, ‘Actually, these people are right. I’m not doing anything. I’m not looking after my body. I’m lazy. I feel really lethargic and I don’t feel nice and I need to exercise. It’s not healthy anymore. I can’t keep going like this.’”

Judging by Lucy’s body now, her natural techniques worked and we think she looks amazing!

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