Sam Brick: ‘Daisy won’t lead Louise astray – she’ll be her rock!’

Daisy Lowe, Louise Redknapp

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As Daisy Lowe is 'blamed' for leading mum-of-two Louise Redknapp astray, Samantha Brick - who has known Daisy Lowe since the age of 12 - says that couldn't be further from the truth...

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Samantha Brick has known Daisy since she was 12. During Sam's years as a TV producer in the 90s, she worked with Daisy's mum - former singer and Britpop veteran Pearl Lowe - on numerous documentaries including Primrose Hill Wives for the BBC and ITV’s Rockstar Wives. She spent hours in the family home – first in London and then in Hampshire.

Writer Sam, 46 - who acted as agent for Pearl's candid biography ‘All That Glitters’ depicting her heroin addiction - reveals that Daisy has always been "an old head on young shoulders," and will be giving Louise wise counsel through her marriage breakdown.

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Sam told Closer Magazine: “I'm confident Daisy will support Louise - she won't be encouraging her to abandon her family. She's seen the ugly side of what happens when high-profile relationships implode and she'll be offering very wise counsel.

"Daisy won't lead Louise astray - rather, she'll be her rock and much-needed conservative voice in her ear.

"Even in her teens, Daisy was super-serious and incredibly focused. She was smart and academically-minded - her ambition then was to go to university and become a lawyer and her mum's showbiz world held zero appeal to her."

Sam Brick
Sam has known Daisy since she was a kid (Credit: Channel 5) ©Channel 5


Sam adds: "Whenever I was around Daisy, she was forever dishing out advice to her mum and her mum's girlfriends.

"As the eldest child growing up in a chaotic household, Daisy was old before her time. She got used to handling insecure, high-profile individuals who would regularly stay over at her home."

As a yongster, Daisy had assumed her dad was Pearls' then-partner Bronner Handwerger. When Daisy was four, Pearl got together with Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey and, when Daisy turned 15, Pearl finally confessed her father was actually Bush frontman, now ITV's The Voice judge Gavin Rossdale.

Sam says: "I was working with Pearl during the scandal. Poor Pearl fell apart but Daisy was incredibly mature about it and counselled her mum through the whole episode."

Daisy Lowe, Louise Redknapp
Daisy and Louise became close after meeting on Strictly Come Dancing (Credit: REX) ©REX


And Sam adds that Daisy won't be enouraging Louise to live it up on the party scene.

She says: "She's never been the kind of girl to be pictured falling out of nightclubs. To go wild just isn't her."


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